Friday, June 10, 2011

Engagement Pictures

I went to switzerland in October 2010 to visit my then boyfriend {but of course I knew I was getting engaged this trip}. There was a tad bit of drama getting the ring in time. We were worrying that it wouldn't arrive before I left. I had found the ring on Etsy and we had a few custom aspects to it as well as the border stopped the package and had to take a look of it because of the price of the item inside. The ring was just hanging out at the Border, luckily I convinced Jachen to call the border where they found the ring and had it sent to us the next morning which was 3 days before my flight home. THEN of course we had to pay a big tax for it. Silly. The ring arrived the morning we were headed to Geneva to visit the family I nannied for, so I went with Jachen to pick it up at the Post Office on our way out. So not much surprise, the ring was in the car. Our drive was a few hours and of course Jachen couldn't wait to finally get that ring on my finger so he pulled over at the Bern LDS Temple and proposed to me back in the woods at the temple. I totally knew it was happening because I saw him take the ring out of the car, but what can you do? I was just happy to be finally engaged and have that beautiful Aquamarine ring on my finger.

The day after we were engaged, we took our engagement pictures...and I really mean "we" took them. I set up a tripod and he stood in front of the camera while I set it up and focused the camera everytime and then I would push the timer and run into the shot. Haha. It was tricky business. Jachen was cold, we only had a little mound to stand on, I could only take horizontals{my lens was too heavy to stay up right on verticals} and I was feeling opposite of my inspired self, but it turned out to be a pretty good success. Below are some of our favorites. The top picture, our favorite, is what we sent out in our wedding announcements.

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Meredith said...

I love your engagement pictures! Also, I love how you didn't go with a diamond for your engagement ring.