Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Confetti Bridal Shower

For my Bridal Shower, we celebrated confetti, brunch and craft style. The bridal shower was confetti themed after my love for throwing imaginary confetti in celebration...oh yes, hand jesters and all with that imaginary confetti throwing. It was a great time and I enjoyed spending time with some of the women in my life. It was at my sister natalie's condo cabana, where we have hosted many a parties, and confetti filled the room. Everyone wore a piece of confetti jewelry/accessories I made for the party. We ate delicious food, I told everyone how I met Jachen, I received generous gifts and then enjoyed crafting with them. The whole time I couldn't believe I was at my own bridal shower.

for the brunch we had coffee cake that my friend kerianne made, individual mini quiches that my sister alicia made and a yogurt parfait. such yummy food. i only had a little and wish i was able to have more.

my mom with my nieces and nephew. glad those kiddos where a part of my party.

i doNOT like bridal shower games and so i knew that wasn't an option. i have sooo many little projects and big projects for my wedding and it seemed like such a great idea to have a craft bridal shower party. people ask me all the time if they can help me and i never know how they can because i am always working on random things and at random times. so it felt nice to finally be able to let people help. natalie and i planned these simple projects to get help for at the bridal shower.

the finished products!

so glad people i love came.

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