Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding Invitation

I made the announcement and each additional insert using Adobe Illustrator. I photographed us, as explained here, in our engagement photo. I wanted the announcement to be relaxed, simple, personalized, and sounding like the words came out of my mouth. They were fun creating and putting together. I learned a lot about the printing process and it felt great getting them out in the mail. I remember on my way to the post office, I couldn't believe I was on my way to invite people to our celebration. It felt like such a big moment and so "this is officially happening".


maggeygrace said...

Wow, you have an AMAZING story! I just read through your blog and I'm truly stunned. It's so perfect. I truly felt like you two were destined for one another after reading just a couple posts!

Chantel said...

These are amaaaazing! You're so talented! Do you have a Pinterest account??